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The attorneys of Edward B. Jones & Associates are immensely proud of the results they have been able to achieve for our clients. Our dedicated lawyers have been protecting the rights of victims and defendants in Louisiana for over 23 years.  Our firm has handled many cases, from the smallest personal injury lawsuits to the most difficult criminal defense jury trials and has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and many not guilty verdicts.

Legal Case Results in Louisiana


Client who was struck by out of control vehicle on freeway resulting in spinal injuries


Client who was involved in a car/truck collision resulting in serious injuries


Helicopter crash resulting in death of an offshore worker.


Non-surgical injury to college graduate student


Client was involved in a Big Truck accident resulting in serious injuries.


Wrongful death involving a big truck crash

$385,000 Jury Verdict

Low impact parking lot car crash


Non-surgical cervical injury in a car crash

Not Guilty

Armed Robbery, Second Degree Attempted Murder

Not Guilty

Armed Robbery

Not Guilty

Production, distribution, possession, or possession with the intent to distribute pornography involving juveniles

Not Guilty

Possession with the intent to distribute cocaine.

Not Guilty

Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon

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