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At Edward B. Jones & Associates, LLC, our experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyers and criminal defense attorneys focus not on recognition, but on the commitment to quality handling, legal services for injured persons, their families, and the ordinary citizen. With the calm attitude and sincere interest in helping people adapt to a new reality during the transition, we help you achieve your goals. Edward B. Jones is highly regarded for providing aggressive legal representation in the areas of Auto Accidents, Wrongful Death, Criminal Defense, and Family Law in Louisiana.

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Auto Accidents

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an automobile accident, you need to have a dedicated lawyer on your side. Edward B. Jones & Associates are experienced automobile accident lawyers with a proven track record of helping injury victims get maximum compensation.

Big Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents involve a vastly different set of problems than normal automobile accidents. Edward B. Jones & Associates truck accident personal injury lawyers understand the specific nuances of semi-truck and tractor-trailer accidents. We help you win your rights.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful claims of death are among the most difficult and challenging events. When we work closely with surviving family members who are enduring the immense sorrow that comes with losing a loved one, we provide legal accuracy, compassion, and empathy.

Serious Personal Injury

Did anyone hurt you? Has a doctor failed to provide your injury or illness with proper care, making you feel worse, not better? If so, you may have a sort of legal argument that people call cases of "personal injury." Edward B. Jones & Associates, LLC have spent many years helping people with their personal injury claims in Louisiana.

Criminal Defense

At Edward B. Jones & Associates, LLC, we have extensive experience defending the rights of people arrested and accused of criminal offenses. Having an experienced lawyer can make all the difference in any criminal case. Go only with an experienced attorney in Louisiana when the stakes are high.

Family Law

Issues of family law involving the closure of a marriage, custody or child support disputes, or allegations of abuse and neglect are deeply emotional. You'll work with a qualified family lawyer at Edward B. Jones & Associates, LLC, who understands what you're going through and will fight to protect your best interests.

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